Last week I spent a few days in Fort Worth Texas. I attended the National conference for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. It was a great time and I really learned a lot. I was recommended to attend by my good friend Leslie Rodriguez. Leslie, he used to be the President of our chapter here at USF and previously held a Regional position. 

I can’t wait to give back to the community and organization. I was given an amazing opportunity and able to interact with some really cool people. I met the Systems on a Chip team for a very powerful company. They interviewed me and I hope that I am able to intern/co-op with them. 

USF was represented so well by it’s students. Our students won both the academic Olympiad ( a general engineering competition ) and the Technical Paper Competition. I can’t wait to compete in these events next year. Below are some really rough notes some friends and I took at a couple of the events. 



Intel Cloud computing – the world is moving to the web and specifically the cloud. This is making a lot of people uncomfortable. Developers are frustrated writing the same app for 3 different platforms in 3 different native code languages. Things like PhoneGap are becoming popular. The need for local IT administration to have direct ownership and contact with data is dying down. If you can trust the cloud service you are using then it’s the future. Intel is making strides 

Intermediate Android Computting – web services, local db communication, Sql lite communication, fragments, Overloading an app for tablet and phone layout optimizations

Embracing your hispanic genes – People pidgin whole you. When you are apart of a group. Like being hispanic. All your fellow hispanics at your job affect who others see you. You need to know the stereotypes that are put up against you. Realize which ones affect you and use them to help you. If some are holding you back then learn to curb them in the workplace. It wasn’t about changing who you are but knowing how to perform better in the work place. 
Comp Sci lunch – med field and comp sci field are merging.