Attending a Windows 8 event on campus today. I am really excited to see what I will learn. I can even apply the hours to my job -Woopee!. Too bad I am salary….

Tara Walker is the host. I have been to many of her events and they are always insightful. A friend I met at a professional Windows 8 app lab is also presenting. Tony….I mean Michael Stark is presenting his collection of Data Apps and they are really interesting. He has a Drone Attack App that shows the Militaries drone strikes for the past year. Very Cool. Mike will also be at the Tampa USF Code/Bar Camp.

I came to this event to ask Tara about a form dialog similar to this but I learned that the UI standard prefers Flyouts. Like this.



Mike and I will also be at the BarCamp/Code camp at USF.




Edit Rough notes:

Open source data source apps
Windows store submission sucks
Drone Attacks
911 call data sources
Start with a template.
        Reverse engineer it and replace the feed with local data
        Change colors
        Submit app
        Blend is for design
        Blend is a xaml designer. Xaml is improved xml
        App has to handle the connection to the internet properly
        Start progress ring and close when waiting on WCF
Government Socail app
    – Link to twitter with link to nuget
        – Use Linq to grab twitter info
        – Querying Sql server with WCF




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